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Just because someone shared it thousands of times, it does not mean it is true – and we know that. That is why all our sources are strictly selected. We use objective methods, like the ones used in search engines, to determine the reputation of the source. This allows us to eliminate spurious content and uphold the commitment to the truth.


When someone downloads and installs the app, we will not ask for any personal data – the feed is created only by selecting categories someone finds interesting. We value privacy of our users.

The app also does not use a lot of phone space or memory – it is lightweight and minimalist. We focused on contents, not just looks.


While using the app, the background AI algorithms learn what user likes and give more similar contents, but they also learn what someone dislikes and similar articles will not be on the feed anymore.

It is also possible to create custom feeds on topics that someone likes, select visual appearance, notifications etc.


Who would use a news app that served the user articles from hours or days ago? QuickNews is real time – the crawlers search continuously through the web and fill the feed with custom content.

Users are notified about the most important news of the day, while making sure we are not overloading them with information and being annoying.


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Marin Smiljanić
Marin Smiljanić

Marin Smiljanić

Founder & CEO

Even before graduating as Master of Science in ICT, Marin’s extensive coding skills brought him to Silicon Valley to work on Facebook’s spam filters. Later, he joined a startup where he was developing distributed data systems. Next big step was joining Amazon, working on scalability for world’s largest storage system S3 and Alexa’s voice features.
Believing he could gather a team of extraordinary people to build something new, innovative and to deliver results, he founded QN Technologies, Inc. Other than developing the business side, he works on the magic behind QuickNews mobile app, developing AI algorithms and crawlers.

Petra Krhač
Petra Krhač

Petra Krhač


Building race cars for Formula Student team and developing an UAV for USA Navy’s competition were merely a start – while wrapping up last semesters of college, Petra joined manufacturing team at Rimac Automobili, building fastest ever electric hypercar.
Having not only extensive knowledge of composite materials and mechanical design, but on-hand experience at managing multidisciplinary teams and projects taking part in worldwide competitions, her main responsibilities include managing resources, keeping project timeline on track and doing everything related to marketing and PR.

Marin Grbić
Marin Grbić

Marin Grbić

Head of Mobile

Even though he is still a student of Computational Sciences, Marin was very active throughout college years – he was a part of startup developing a social network, he developed an app for tourist running called SightRun and worked on various mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices. Admirable coding skills and broad experience brought him to Binom, where he obtained the role of Mobile Team Lead.
He is also the one to credit for QuickNews mobile app front-end and some design features. His extensive understanding of the UI/UX was a key for defining a user-friendly, minimalist app.


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